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  • Orientation

    The Hamline Law community looks forward to welcoming our new students to campus soon! Please bookmark this page and visit frequently, as it will be updated with pertinent information prior to the start of orientation.

    Mandatory Orientation Dates

    Orientation is mandatory for all incoming law students. Orientation for Fall 2013 Weekend JD students will be held August 10-11, 2013, and orientation for weekday, LLM, and transfer students is August 19-20, 2013.

    More information about this year's orientation sessions will be available prior to the events.

    All orientation sessions will begin at the School of Law, and a registration desk will be located at the entrance the first day of each orientation session.

    Weekend Student Orientation

    August 10-11, 2013
    2013 Weekend Orientation Schedule (PDF)

    Weekday JD, LLM, and Transfer Student Orientation

    August 19-20, 2013
    2013 Orientation Schedule (PDF)

    Orientation Curriculum

    Legal Methods

    An integral part of orientation is your participation in legal methods sessions designed to help you be successful in law school. Before orientation, you must closely read our Case Briefing Booklet, then craft your own briefs for the cases provided. The 2012 Case Briefing Booklet is available to download below. Please have all cases read and briefed to the best of your ability by the time you arrive for orientation.

    2013 Case Brief and Case Synthesis

    Career Services Office Introduction

    Students will have the opportunity to meet members of the Career Services Office (CSO) team and take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) at orientation. A little later in the semester, you will be required to attend three "Continuing 1L Orientation to Career and Professional Development" sessions. You'll learn about CSO's role and ways you can utilize their services while you are in law school.

    Academic Success Program Materials

    First-Year Curriculum

    Class Schedules

    Please remember you can check your schedules online through Piperline by logging on with your student ID and PIN.

    Advance Assignments

    Your professors will expect you to be prepared for your first day of class by reading the advanced assignments they will give prior to the start of classes. Advanced assignments will be be posted on the web at the Office of the Registrar (as they become available). To access them once you are on the Registrar's website, click on the "Term Information" and then "Syllabi" link for each of your classes. If your professor has assigned an advanced assignment, it will be listed in the syllabus posting. Syllabi typically will not be posted until a few weeks before the start of classes.

    Bookstore Hours

    Visit the Hamline Law Bookstore website for information on purchasing textbooks.

    Welcome from the Office of the Registrar

    In a nutshell, the Office of the Registrar maintains your student records and processes your registration.

    Because all law school exams are graded anonymously, our office randomly assigns exam numbers that you’ll use for your midterm and final exams. These numbers are only available via Piperline. Make sure to look up your exam number before the exams begin. To locate your exam number, go to www.hamline.edu and follow the steps below:

    1. Click on Logins just below the header.
    2. Go to Piperline.
    3. Log in to the secure area.
    4. Enter your Student ID and PIN.
    5. Click Student Services.
    6. Click Registration.
    7. Click Student Detail Schedule.
    8. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu.
    9. Exam Numbers are listed below Total Credit Hours at the top of the page.

    You will use the four digit midterm exam number for all of your midterms, and the five digit final exam number for all of your finals. New exam numbers are assigned each semester.

    The office of the registrar administers SofTest (the exam-taking software used by Hamline Law) accounts. Remember, if you want to take your exams on a computer, you must have a laptop capable of running SofTest. Account information and installation instructions will be sent to your Hamline issued email account.

    Our office assigns message boxes and rents lockers. If you want a locker, request one using the online locker request form.

    The ABA requires an official copy of your undergraduate transcript to complete your student file. If you haven’t yet submitted one, we’ll be contacting you. You can’t remain a student at Hamline Law without it.

    You can't drop any first year classes, and you’ll be automatically registered for your spring classes. Starting next summer, you’ll register yourself on Piperline. We’ll publish complete instructions online when the time comes.

    Enrollment verifications are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse. Chances are your undergraduate lenders have been notified of your student status already. If you want to view the reports, if your lendor doesn’t use the Clearinghouse, or if you need enrollment verifications for different purposes: login to Piperline and go to additional student services for the link to request enrollment verifications.

    The Office of the Registrar proctors course evaluations; processes letters of good standing and Hamline Law transcripts; and certifies graduates to bar associations. We also have band-aids, pain killers, and candy.

    Checklist of Tasks to Complete Before Orientation

    There is a checklist of tasks for all incoming law students to complete prior to, or during, orientation. Please refer to the Admitted Students Website for a detailed list of tasks.

    • Pay tuition deposit
    • Sign the financial disclosure agreement electronically through Piperline
    • Complete the online immunization history form in Piperline
    • Register for classes
    • Request that a final transcript from your undergraduate degree-granting institution be submitting to Hamline Law Office of Admissions
    • Fulfill the computer requirement
    • Set-up and check Hamline University email account regularly
    • Obtain a Photo ID
    • Register your vehicle with the Office of Safety and Security; if applicable, register for the permit lottery

    Please note: If you need accommodations to attend or participate in any of the law school’s orientation activities, please contact Hamline University Disability Services at 651-523-2521, or Assistant Dean Andrew Crouse via email or at 651-523-2143, as soon as possible.