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Sym07titleThe 2007 Symposium on Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution brought together a carefully selected group of nationally recognized representatives of patients, health care providers, payors and regulators, and experienced conflict resolution professionals. In a highly structured two-day conversation, we explored how health care professionals and conflict resolvers can work together to identify essential guiding principles for addressing conflicts across the health care field.

The Journal includes fourteen post-symposium reflective essays organized into five general topics, which collectively cover many of the common themes that dominated the symposium conversations:



Articles in Hamline Journal of Public Law And Policy, Volume 29 (Spring 2008)

(All documents are in PDF format) 


What Makes Health Care Conflict Different? 
Overcoming Barriers to Change 

Doctors and Lawyers: Pathways to Collaboration 

Innovative Approaches to Managing Health Care Conflict 
Coverage Disputes: A Search for Accountability and Sensibility