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Hi there. Registration is coming up next week and it's never too early to think about what you're going to do after the holidays during the two-week J-Term. This is especially true when there are opportunities to escape the Minnesota winter to study abroad.

One option is our program in Jerusalem.  We all know that Israel is at the center of long-standing political and religious conflicts.  Our J-Term program there studies how law and religion interact, and how both are employed to resolve conflict.  There is no better city in the world to study the interaction of law and religion than Jerusalem, where Islam, Judaism and Christianity meet.

Inside two weeks, you can learn how the values of these three religious traditions have shaped their dispute resolution methods; explore how these methods have been adapted to resolve modern day conflicts; and visit with people actually involved in the peacemaking process in the Middle East.

You have to go to class, complete reading assignments, and take an exam.  For an extra credit you can write a paper. Professor David Cobin leads this program.  We work with the Rothberg International School of Hebrew University, and the classes meet on its campus from Jan. 4 - Jan. 14. Learn more at  

If Jerusalem is too far away, how about Puerto Rico? Professor Larry Bakken leads a program in the civil code during J-Term, from Jan. 2 -  Jan. 9. This study abroad program offers a fascinating opportunity in comparative law.  You can get an understanding of how the civil law differs from common law in fundamental areas like property, torts, contracts and family law.


You also get to visit courts there, and learn about the history of Puerto Rico and its unique relationship with the United States. In addition to our own Professor Bakken, the Puerto Rico program also features a number of well-regarded faculty from the University of Puerto Rico. See  

And finally, what if you simply want to stay in town?  


Our two institutes in dispute resolution and health law offer J-Term courses, which are open to second-, third-, and fourth-year law students. You can register for up to three credits during J-Term, and there is no registration priority based on class standing or certificate program.

DRI will offer a half-dozen courses in negotiation, mediation, theories of conflict, and an interesting one-credit course by Professor Mary Trevor on writing to persuade. See the web at  

The health law institute will offer two courses: one on the HIPAA health information privacy regulations, and a fascinating one-credit course on health in literature by Professor Cindy Jesson.  

These classes are good opportunities to learn with non-law graduate students, practicing lawyers and other professionals who have lives outside of the law school.  And we try to keep the courses small, so you can get to know each other and the professor.  You need to register sooner than later.  Check out the institute web pages for further information on registration and deposit requirements.

So think ahead about how you can avoid that post-holiday lethargy and plan to join us during J-Term, either here or abroad.

See ya' next week.


Posted by Zoe Miron at 08/25/2010 09:15:35 AM