Dean's Blog - Congratulations

Dean's Blog - Congratulations

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Hello again.  I know you all are working very hard in preparation for exams, but thanks for taking a moment to check out my blog post this week.  Let me start by extending some year-end congratulations to people who have worked very hard during the year in some of our student competitions and journals.

We just finished our final Honor Round for the Legal Research and Writing Program, and the Best Oralist in that final round was Nikola Datzov, so congratulations for that recognition and to all of the other finalists in the honor round, which included Matthew Thompson, Micah Ludeke, Kathryn Fodness, Irene Kao, Andrew Irlbeck, and Noelle Volin.  It's recognition well-deserved by your hard work.

We had two winners this year, two 3Ls, of the Larry Bakken Leadership Award: Amy Schwarz and Celeste Hollerud.  That's an award that's supported by a gift from Professor Larry Bakken that honors participation and leadership in the Journal of Public Law and Policy. Congratulations to Amy and Celeste.

Sara Bongers, a 3L, has been awarded the Outstanding Clinical Student Award by the Clinical Legal Education Association. That award recognizes outstanding participation in clinical programs at Hamline School of Law.  So that's a wonderful honor to receive.

And finally, congratulations to Andrew Hodny, Nekoal Phoenix, and Alison Whitney who have been selected to attend the Jönköping University in Sweden as part of our student exchange program with that university.  They'll be in Sweden for the 2009-2010 school year.  This is a program that's arranged and supervised by Professor Larry Bakken.

Last week I gave you a preview of the Dean's Summer Fellowship Program, the program that awards ten $1,500 stipends for students to participate by volunteering for judges during the summer.  That program was formally announced by the Career Services Office this week, and we've selected the ten participating judges.  I was a bit disappointed to find out that we haven't had many applications for the program yet, but that must be because you're simply working too hard on exams and waiting until the last moment to apply.  So I hope you'll keep in mind that the deadline for that application is Monday, May 11th- this coming Monday- so please file your application right away through Symplicity.  

As we approach graduation, we have a couple of graduation recognition events to honor those who will be getting their J.D. degrees this year.  The first is the Graduate Recognition Banquet on Wednesday, May 20th that takes place at Klas Center in the Kay Fredericks Room at 5:30pm.  If you're interested in attending please contact Deb Lange (523-2122 or in the Programs Office. 

The annual Patio Party this year for the Class of 2009 will take place on the law school patio right outside this office on Thursday, May 21st at 4:30 p.m. If you have any questions about that feel free to contact Anne Markus in the Alumni Relations Office (523-2943 or  And, of course, all of this leads up to the grand event, Commencement, on the grounds of Old Main on Saturday, May 23rd.

Let me finally mention a couple of very important networking events.  This past Tuesday we had a wonderful turnout at the IP Reception at the Gray Plant Mooty law firm.  We are going to have a similar event-- the Law Alumni Reception at Larkin Hoffman law firm in Bloomington-next week.  It's going to take place this coming Thursday, May 14th at 5:30pm.  So if you're anywhere near the south metro on May 14th, please attend that reception.  It's going to be a wonderful opportunity at the end of the year to mingle with alums and practicing lawyers in that area of town.  (RSVP to Anne Markus for this event).  

And let me also mention the 13th Annual Alumni Golf Tournament that's going to take place Tuesday, June 2.  Tee time is 1 pm at the Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury.  Now, we have a special rate for students: it is $65 and that not only covers your greens fees and your cart, but also includes a dinner after the golfing.  And if you just want to attend the dinner, that's just $25. So if you're a golfer, or maybe a wannabe golfer like me, think about participating. Exams will be over so this would be a good opportunity to get outside with alums and other lawyers. (RSVP to Anne Markus for this event)

Next week will be my final blog post for this academic year.  I'll have a few final announcements and some reflections on this year, my first as dean. So until then, I'll see you later!


Posted by Zoe Miron at 08/25/2010 11:23:40 AM