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HUSLink Mentor Program

Purpose and Program Overview

The HUSLink program was designed to make networking and mentoring available in a flexible, timely, and customized manner.

Mentors choose the types of experiences they would be comfortable and qualified to offer or discuss with proteges. They also control the number of contacts they invite and can temporarily put their accounts on "hold" when needed. Proteges may search and contact these different mentors, depending on circumstances and needs.

The HUSLink program is also flexible in terms of format; following initial contact via email, it allows mentors and proteges to determine how to best proceed. The Hamline Law Career Services Office (CSO) will also work with HUSLink mentors in resource building, as well as informational and networking events.


Mentors must:
(1) Have graduated from an accredited law school at least one year prior to registering;
(2) Be employed (or retired); and
(3) Be members of good standing of a state bar (or have been at the time of retirement, if retired).

Mentors will be asked to verify good standing and employment status on an annual basis.

FYI: Prospective mentors not currently licensed or authorized to practice (i.e., those in non-practicing careers) but who would otherwise be eligible for "good standing" status, and existing mentors in career transition, should contact CSO to discuss registration or continuing eligibility.

Proteges: All Hamline Law students in good standing with the school, and all Hamline Law alumni in good standing with a state bar, may request access to HUSLink. Access will be granted after prospective proteges review the online informational and training materials and sign a HUSLink contract.

FYI: Hamline Law alumni who are mentors may separately register to additionally use the system as proteges. For more information, email the Career Services Office.

Cancellation of Access: Hamline University School of Law reserves the right to restrict or discontinue, with notice, access to HUSLink for any mentor or protege abusing the system (violating any policies, not participating in good faith, displaying unprofessional behavior, or other similar reasons).

Expectations and Commitment

Mentors are expected to:

  • Keep their mentor profile current at all times
  • Read and respond to email requests for assistance in a timely manner
  • Provide mentoring, or opportunities -- as represented in the mentor's profile -- with professionalism
  • Set and communicate to proteges parameters on the extent and duration of mentoring on a case-by-case basis
  • Communicate with the Career Services Office (respond to check-in inquiries, voice concerns if they arise, etc.)

Proteges are expected to:

  • Determine which mentor -- based on profiles -- appears to be willing and best-suited to answer their questions or provide the desired professional development experience.
  • Initiate contact with such mentor via HUSLink, including in the message the reason for contact, specific questions, and/or any pertinent time frame.
  • Respond to all mentor replies professionally and in a timely manner.
  • With deference to the mentor's preference and decision, understand, acknowledge, and abide by parameters on the extent and duration of the mentoring.
  • Indicate in HUSLink and confirm with mentor when mentoring is completed.
  • Communicate with the Career Services Office (respond to check-in inquiries, voice concerns if they arise, etc.)

To Register, Log Into and Use HUSLink:


New Mentors: Register now. (Simply log onto the law school's HUSLink website and create a profile using a streamlined mentor registration form.)

Existing Mentors: Sign in to HUSLink.


To register to be a protege in HUSLink, students/alumni must:

  • Read this comprehensive Protege Handbook (PDF)
  • View this Orientation Webinar.*
  • Follow the registration instructions contained in the Orientation Webinar. Once approved, CSO staff will add access to the HUSLink mentor bank to your existing Symplicity account.

*We apologize that the Symplicity screen shots do not appear as clearly as we would like in the webinar, but the same screen shots are very clear in the accompanying Protege Handbook.