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Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration (JD/MPA)

Program at a Glance

Hamline University offers graduate students the opportunity to simultaneously earn degrees in law and public administration: the Juris Doctor (JD) and the Master in Public Administration (MPA).

Students who have completed one year of study at the Hamline School of Law, and who have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher, may apply to the JD/MPA dual degree program. Eligible law students must register for MPA classes through the law school, and the law school's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs must approve the courses. Through the program, students may receive up to 9 law school credits for MPA core courses completed with grade "B" or better. Each 4-credit MPA course transfers as three law school credits. Credits transferred into the law school will be based on the law school's evaluation of ABA standards. Grades earned in these courses will appear on the law school transcript, but will not be factored into the law student's grade point average.

Requirements for Completion

Requirements for completion of the JD/MPA program are:

  • Completion of 88 JD credits 
  • Completion of nine MPA core courses (36 credits): up to 9 credits can be applied toward the JD degree
  • Attendance at four Hamline Dialogues
  • Additional requirement for international students: completion of Business Communications 

Students who transfer into Hamline University may not use MPA credits toward meeting the law school's residency requirement.

Master in Public Administration (MPA)

The Master Public Administration (MPA) program provides broad knowledge, diverse perspectives, and practical experiences for decision makers in today's rapidly-evolving government organizations.

MPA students gain an understanding of political and legal institutions and processes; economic and social organizations and processes; general organizational and management concepts; human resources administration; ethical and moral dilemmas of public administration; how governmental issues interrelate; and techniques of analysis, including quantitative and statistical methods.

The program is offered through Hamline University's School of Business. The program is delivered in a learning environment that integrates theory and practice, draws its strength from a faculty of distinguished practitioners, and enrolls a student body with rich and diverse experiences and educational backgrounds.

Core courses for the MPA program are:

  • GPA 8000 - Foundations in Public Administration
  • GPA 8010 - Public Sector Professional Ethics
  • GPA 8020 - Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • GPA 8030 - Public Fiscal Management
  • GPA 8040 - Public Policy Analysis
  • GPA 8050 - Public Sector Human Resource Management
  • GPA 8061 - Regulation Management
  • GPA 8070 - Research Methods in Public Administration
  • GPA 8490 - Capstone Skills Development - Public Sector