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Dual Degrees

Hamline University School of Law offers students the opportunity to earn two degrees which combine law and public administration, management, nonprofit management, and organizational leadership. These dual degree programs allow students to have the opportunity to earn two separate professional and graduate degrees and to save time and money in completing the degrees. The dual degree programs lead to a Juris Doctor (JD) and a: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA), Master in Public Administration (MPA), Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM), and Organizational Leadership (MAOL).

Students who have completed one year of law school and have a minimum 2.5 grade point average may apply for the dual JD/MBA, JD/MFA, JD/MPA, JD/MNM, or JD/MAOL degree programs. While students are attending the law school, graduate school classes should only be registered for through the law school. Students who have been accepted into the dual degree program may receive up to nine law school credits for completed MBA, MFA, MPA, MNM, or MAOL courses, provided grades of "B" or better have been earned and the courses had been pre-approved by the associate dean of the law school. A four-credit graduate school course transfers as three law school credits. The courses which apply toward the JD degree can be selected only from the core graduate school curriculum. Grades earned in these courses will not be computed into the law school grade point average. Tuition for dual degree courses is paid out of law school tuition by the law school. Applications are available in the registrar's office.

Under the above rules, students may take up to eight graduate school credits, which will transfer as six law school credits, through the general credit exchange on a space-available basis only. These courses must be pre-approved by the associate dean and selected from the core courses. Students who transfer into Hamline may not use dual degree credits toward meeting their residency requirements.

Please note that the MBA, MFA, MPA and MNM are offered through Hamline University's graduate schools, whereas the MAOL is offered in conjunction with St. Catherine University.