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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hamline's nationally-ranked alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program prepares students to be excellent problem solvers. The development of highly formalized and sophisticated ADR procedures have changed the way modern society addresses conflict. This focus area balances traditional classroom experiences with simulations, externships, and clinic opportunities, giving students an in-depth understanding of ADR both in theory and in practice.

Dispute Resolution Institute

Hamline's outstanding Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) coordinates over 25 additional courses each year through J-Term and summer offerings. DRI's mission is to provide students with the full range of theory and skills needed to be successful problem solvers at home and abroad.

In a world drawn ever closer by globalization, yet still fractured by historical and cultural division, evolution in conflict resolution management is critical. Thus, we teach our students mediation because it provides a unique perspective on mutual understanding and creative problem-solving. We teach our students the art of negotiation because it is central to both making and saving deals. We teach our students arbitration because it is the global forum of choice for business.