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The Impact of Your Gift

The Importance of Development to the Law School

Thank you to all our alumni and friends who have so generously supported us in past years. The private philanthropic support of the Law School is critical and its impact cannot be overstated. Without this support we are not able to achieve our goals.

We strive to continually improve all that we do in order to provide our students with a quality educational experience that is relevant to their future legal careers. We also seek to serve our alumni and the broader legal community with events, CLE programs and opportunities to participate in symposia that support the profession. As the Law School improves and received recognition for outstanding programs, the value of the degree our alumni receive is enhanced. It is our intention to have Hamline recognized as one of the outstanding law schools in the country.

The generosity of our alumni and friends makes it possible to implement the goals that could best be described as the “margin of excellence.” It is this margin that differentiates Hamline University School of Law from other law schools and we still have much to do!

Over the next several years we intend to move the Law School forward in a number of areas:

  • Increase alumni participation in the annual fund to 35%
  • Increase the dollars raised in annual fund by 5% each year
  • Increase the number of Justice Society members to 200
  • Offer a comprehensive planned giving program
  • Generate new gifts in response to the Whitney ARCEE Challenge  
  • Increase the opportunities for alumni to be involved in the life of the Law School
  • Begin planning for a major fund raising initiative

What kind of philanthropic support for the Law School makes a difference?

  • Financial aid in the form of scholarships: our ability to offer scholarships to worthy students makes Hamline a viable option for any student
  • Program endowment
  • Annual program support
  • Endowed chairs
  • Unrestricted support
  • Capital improvements

Our priorities this year fall into the categories of:

  • Continued excellence in legal education – A rigorous and balanced (theory and practice) law school experience prepares our graduates to be successful in all aspects of the practice of law
  • Diversity Geographic, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and age differences expose students to a wide variety of views and cultural differences better preparing them for real life situations
  • Innovation – Keeps our students on the cutting edge of the tools used in the practice of law
  • Impact on the legal community – Achieved by graduating well trained and socially responsible lawyers regardless of their area of practice and by serving the firms throughout meaningful and timely CLE’s. We have also begun service to the profession by consulting with managing partners in the metro area firms to determine how we can assist them in meeting their needs and relative to working with new attorneys in their first 2-3 years in practice

There are a variety of ways you can make your gift to the law school:

  • Send your check to: Hamline University School of Law, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, MS-D2005, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
  • Make a one time credit/debit card gift  
  • Use the automated gift form to have your gift automatically deducted from your account and forwarded to the law school
  • Authorize the law school to charge your credit/debit card for the gift each year (may be, at your discretion, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually)

More and more of our alumni and friends are choosing one of the latter two options which:

  • Ensure that the gift will be made each year without the donor having to remember to write the check or go online
  • Give the donor complete control of the amount, timing, and continuation of the gift. The donor may also opt for contact from the law school in advance of credit/debit card charges for their gift
  • Provide records in addition to the receipt and thank you letter from the law school in the form of bank or credit card statements
  • Generate potential rewards when credit/debit cards are used to make the gift, i.e. airline miles or hotel stays

Make a gift online now.

Thank you for your support of the Law School!