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    Online MSL Capstone: Research Action Project (3 credits)

    The MSL capstone course includes an initial three-day residency, where each MSL student presents a proposal for completion of a project of direct relevance to their current work-place.

     Research action projects:

    • Utilize standardized approaches used in a student’s chosen field such as development of an environmental assessment, creation of a legal compliance program, design of a workplace dispute system, or preparation of a conflict resolution curriculum
    • Professional in their presentation, but need not adhere to the formal thesis guidelines typically utilized by seminar teachers
  • Contact

    Kitty Atkins
    Managing Director, MSL
    Associate Director, DRI
    Phone: 651-523-2897

    James Coben
    Academic Director, MSL
    Professor of Law
    Senior Fellow, DRI
    Phone: 651-523-2137