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    Online MSL Required Foundation Courses (15 credits)

    All MSL students take two types of foundation courses: Foundations in Law and Foundations in Problem-Solving.

    Foundations in Law (11 credits)

    • Legal Methods and Ethics (2 credits)
      This course introduces MSL students to the study of law and prepares them for academic success in their upper level curriculum. After an initial intense focus on the fundamentals of legal reasoning and analysis, the course offers a general overview of the American legal system and examines the ethics rules that govern the work of lawyers and so profoundly influence lawyer client interactions. 
    • The Common Law: Civil and Criminal (3 credits)
      Introduces MSL students to basic principles of the common law, including torts, contracts and property, as well as an introduction to the functions of the criminal law as a means of social control, focusing on the process of crime creation and the elements of criminal liability.
    • Regulation in America (3 credits)
      Focusing on American businesses and their workplaces, this course examines the complex web of regulatory and constitutional authority within which business must navigate. Included is an examination of the powers and procedures of administrative agencies; basic principles of
      constitutional interpretation, including doctrines and competing philosophies; and the framework of state and federal government under the Constitution. 
    • Legal Writing and Research (3 credits)
      Introduces MSL students to the structure of writing legal analysis and the skills of legal drafting, with an emphasis on professional letter and email writing. Teaches basic legal citation and primary and secondary research skills, with an emphasis on cost-effective research.

    Foundations in Problem-Solving (4 credits)

    • Theories of Conflict (2 credits)
      Nothing could be more fundamental to problem-solving than a solid grounding in the theory and practice of conflict and conflict response. Recognizing this reality, Hamline has been a leader among U.S. law schools in regularly offering an interdisciplinary course in the theory of conflict.
    • Negotiation (2 credits)
      Also required is our introductory course in negotiation. The course offers a theoretical framework for understanding negotiation practice in a variety of contexts. It addresses the fundamental skills of systematic and thorough negotiation preparation, the ongoing management of a negotiation process, and the identification and achievement of optimal agreements. Legal and ethical constraints of negotiation also are considered. Course content is drawn from the fields of law, psychology, business, and communication.
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