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Alumni Judges Receive a Well-Deserved Thank You


Hundreds of Hamline University School of Law alumni devote a sizable chunk of their busy professional day each year to serving as judges of Hamline 1Ls competing in the Legal Research and Writing (LRW) oral argument competition. They arrive quietly, listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions and then provide oral feedback for 10-15 minutes after each argument.

"Without these dedicated alumni judges, we would not be able to offer intensive legal research and writing feedback to students so early on in their legal education," said Hamline LRW Director Mary Trevor. "Alumni are the heart and soul of this critical aspect of the LRW program and we greatly appreciate their contributions."

Notes Legal Research and Writing Instructor Mary Dunnewold, "Many judges help us year after year. I have some alumni who have judged for me for 10 years or more. I have found that they are almost uniformly positive and helpful to the students. That is, they offer constructive feedback and reassurance to the students about their abilities. The students usually really appreciate hearing from "real life" attorneys."

The culmination of the oral argument competition is the honor round, in which LRW faculty select the 10 top oralists (shown above with Dean Lewis and LRW faculty) based on their performance in the earlier competition. Alumni who judged oral arguments in the honor round devoted nearly eight hours to the process on April 18. Alumni Honor Round judges for 2009 included Julie Loftus-Nelson, Allen Blair and A.L. Brown

Alumni judges this year included:

  • Wes Abrahamson
  • Elena Ateva
  • Brian Axell
  • Shane Barnes
  • Heidi Boe
  • Tessa Boury
  • Amber Bowman
  • Megan Brennan
  • Wayde Brooks
  • Brianne Brown
  • Michael Burns
  • Anne Byrne
  • Megan Clinefelter
  • Angel Daher
  • Colleen Daly
  • Amy Draeger
  • Emeric Dwyer
  • Greg Egan
  • Maria Ferreira
  • Melisa Lopez Franzen
  • Shari Selander Frey
  • Mike Gates
  • Peter Gerdes
  • Laura Gilbert
  • JaPaul Harris
  • Kim Holst
  • Katie Iverson
  • Jake Kern
  • Rob Lawton
  • Pam Marentette
  • Jessica Kutcha-Miller
  • Karen Mohrlant
  • Brian Niemczyk
  • Angela Olson
  • Patina Park
  • Beth Paulson
  • Matt Resch
  • Jack Roberts
  • J.B. Roth
  • Jon Russell
  • Shelley Ryan
  • Dan Sagstetter
  • Kristy Saum
  • Sara Schwebs
  • Paula Semrow
  • Dena Sonbol
  • Nadege Souvenir
  • Ken Swift
  • Nisha Taneja
  • Whitney Teel
  • William Topka
  • Uyen Tran
  • Amy Tripp
  • Brian Varland
  • Kirsten Vaage
  • Nick Vivian
  • Gerry Weinrich
  • Karen Westwood