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Hamline to host Health Law Forum for Public Television on September 17 (RSVP link)


The Hamline University School of Law Alumni Board, in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television, presents

* Cogito  (ˈkä-gi-ˌtō, ˈkō-, ˈkä-ji-)   


a unique forum on law and public policy. The first forum will focus on:

The Economics and Ethics of Health Care

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hamline University's Drew Fine Arts Building, St. Paul, MN

Doors open at 5:45 p.m.; taping begins at 6 p.m.

Cogito will be taped for future broadcast on TPT's Minnesota Channel. The forum also will be available for viewing on the Hamline University School of Law website:

This event is free of charge and open to the public. CLE credits will be requested.

To RSVP: Contact Anne Markus at 651-523-2943 or

"The forum is centered on the simple premise that responsible dialogue amongst thoughtful citizens is the shortest path to--first understanding and then--solving some of our most difficult personal and societal issues. Condensed, we will join "Smart People on Tough Issues," with the goal of creating relevant, thoughtful and intellectually accessible programming on the most pressing issues of law, public policy, morality, and their intersections in the everyday lives of Minnesotans," said Hamline Alumni Board President A.L. Brown.


The September 17 discussion will feature a distinguished group of civic and business professionals, including:


Judge James Rosenbaum (moderator), United States District Court, District of Minnesota

Carol Falkowski, MN Department of Human Services, Chemical Health Division

Aretha Green-Rupert, Minnesota non-profit leader

Phil Krinkie, president of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota 

Dr. Arne Vainio, a physician who practices on the Fond du Lac Reservation in Northern Minnesota

Andrea Walsh, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Health Partners


* Cogito co·gi·to: \kä-gi-tō\ noun

Etymology: New Latin cogito, ergo sum, literally, I think, therefore I am, principle stated by René Descartes, 1838

1 : the philosophic principle that one's existence is demonstrated by the fact that one thinks

2 : the intellectual processes of the self or ego