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Learning Outcomes Adopted by Law School


Professor Sharon Sandeen recently presented an "Introduction to Learning Outcomes," to students. She explained that Hamline law professors adopted the learning outcomes on May 12, 2008, just days before the ABA published similar goals for law school learning.  The three key goals of the program are to instill in students knowledge, skills and professionalism.  The knowledge component encompasses competence and knowledge of  foundational areas of the law, as well as structures of the U.S. legal system and operative law in a global context.  The focus of the skills component is to allow students to learn, practice, and apply the skills and methods essential for effective lawyering. Comprehension and synthesis of the reasoning behind rules and legal authorities with be the focus of this component during the first year of law school.  Finally, the professionalism component emphasizes the attributes, attitudes, and practices that are befitting of the honorable and respected profession of law.