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New Opportunities to Support Student Scholarships


Two New Scholarships to Honor the Memory of a Classmate and Celebrate Jon M. Garon's Service as Dean

In May, Kim A. Chapman `06 sought to honor the memory of her classmate, Cynthia Clark, who passed away on April 19, 2008, at the age of 62. Chapman has made the first gift in memory of Cynthia Clark, a lawyer who had the repulation as someone who, "lived life to its fullest and spread joy to all who knew her," according to Chapman. "My hope and goal is to assist future law students who in some way reflect Cynthia’s character as a non-traditional student with a passion for justice and the law; someone who derived joy from sharing and helping others," Chapman added. She would love to see the Cynthia Clark Memorial Scholarship grow so that it can be awarded to a student as early as fall 2008.

Also established in May, the Jon M. Garon Scholarship Fund was initiated by the generosity of lead donors Annette and James Levine, Paul Gatto, Steve Kirsch and Bill Manning to coincide with Dean Garon's move from his position as Dean of the School of Law to his new role as a full time faculty member beginning on July 1, 2008. "The Dean has done so much for us and for the school. I think it is very important to recognize hime for all he has given to the Hamline community," said Annette Levine of her desire to contribute. If you would like to contribute to the Jon M. Garon Scholarship Fund, the Cynthia Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund, or any other student scholarship, please visit and put the name of the scholarship in the "other" gift designation box.

Gifts made by the end of this fiscal year, June 30, 2008, will be recognized in the honor roll of gifts in the fall 2008 Advocate magazine.