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Services Provided by the Office of the Registrar

Degree Verifications
Enrollment Verification
File Review
Letters, Verifications and Certifications Issuance
Lost and Found
Mail Services
Notary Services
Room Reservation Requests
Student Limited Practice Certification
Transcript Requests


Students are encouraged to use the School of Law Library copy machines. The Office of the Registrar provides emergency copying services (if the library is closed or the copiers are down). Students may request copies of the following portions of their student file only:
• Application for Admissions
• Personal Statement
• LSAT exam cover page
Without exception, copies of transcripts from other institutions will not be furnished.
The following fees apply to all copy services:
First Ten Pages : $5.00
Additional Pages : $0.50 each


Degree Verifications

Hamline University School of Law has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. We will not provide third party degree verifications through the Office of the Registrar. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171


Enrollment Verifications--Student Self-Service

Using Student Self-Service, students may print their own enrollment verification certifications, view their enrollment history and enrollment verifications provided at their request, check loan deferments sent to lenders, and link to real-time information on their student loans. Student Self-Service is accessible through Piperline using the following steps:
1) Log in to Piperline at
2) Select Student Services link
3) Select Additional Student Services link
4) Select Request Enrollment Verification link
Follow the instructions/options on the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Site. As always, be sure to log out when finished.



Students requesting a facsimile transmission must provide a cover page identifying themselves and the third party, total number of pages, contact numbers for themselves and the third party and any special transmission instructions. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to refuse transmission of materials it deems inappropriate for transmission from Hamline Law.

The following fees apply (page counts exclude cover page):
First Ten Pages : $5.00
Additional Pages : $0.50 each
Long Distance
First Five Page : $5.00
Additional Pages : $0.50 each

We are unable to fax internationally.


File Review

Students may review their files located in the Office of the Registrar as stipulated in the Hamline University FERPA statement. Students have a right to review the file as maintained by Hamline Law only. Copies of the student file will not be furnished for review purposes except for the materials listed above or as required by applicable law (in which case the above copy fee schedule applies). All review sessions must be pre-scheduled with the Office of the Registrar and will be supervised by staff from the Office of the Registrar. There are no file retrieval fees.  


Letters, Verifications and Certifications Issuance

Upon request, the Office of the Registrar will issue to students, or to third parties as requested by students, the following documents free of charge:
• Dean’s Honors Verifications
• Enrollment Verifications (verification of enrollment for most lenders is via the National Student Clearinghouse)
• Expected Graduation Term/Date Verifications
• Good Standing Verifications
• GPA Verifications
• Grades Verifications
• Graduation Verifications
• Ranking Verifications
All requests must be in writing and signed by the student. Request forms are available in the Office of the Registrar and online on our Forms page.
An email from the student’s Hamline University issued email account is considered a valid, electronically signed, request.

There is a $50.00 fee for issuance of a letter of good standing with authorization to visit away. Requests for a fee waiver due to documented extremely exigent economic hardship will be considered by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

There is a $10 fee for a transfer packet which includes a letter of good standing, official transcript, and photocopy of the LSAC report cover page. 




Hamline Law lockers, located in the School of Law's lower level, are available for rent to students and student organizations from the Office of the Registrar. Students request lockers online using the Locker Request form. Students may request more than one locker. The president or chief executive officer of each student organization may request a locker for the organization and designate users for the locker. Locker numbers are assigned at random, but students who have difficulty accessing lockers on top rows may express a preference for the lower row or vice versa. Students may relinquish lockers at any time by contacting the Office of the Registrar.


For each locker rented, a nominal non-refundable fee is automatically charged either to the student’s or student organization’s account each semester ($10.00). Active students or organizations who want to discontinue use of a locker must notify the Office of the Registrar. An appropriate cleaning fee will be assessed if the locker is not emptied and cleaned by the deadlines stipulated below.

Locker Combination

Students’ locker number and combination information are available via Piperline. From the main menu, click Personal Information and then Campus Address (Mail Stop) Information. Locker number and combination information for student organizations are available via Piperline under the account(s) of the designated organization member(s). Students who believe their combination number has been compromised should request a combination change from the Office of the Registrar.


Students and student organizations should employ common sense regarding what to store in the lockers. Do not store perishable or malodorous items, flammable, corrosive, or otherwise dangerous substances, noise emitting devises, etc. Hamline Law reserves the right to, without notice, open lockers and dispose of any such items/substances. Locker contents are not insured by Hamline Law; students are discouraged from storing valuables. Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from Hamline Law, go on a leave of absence or visit away for Fall or Spring term(s) must remove all contents and clean their lockers within fifteen days of the effective date of withdrawal or leave. Students who graduate must remove all contents and clean their lockers within sixty days of graduation. Organization lockers must be transferred to the newly elected officers or emptied and cleaned within sixty days of Spring graduation. Contents not removed by the stated deadlines will be discarded.


Lost and Found

Items turned in to the Office of the Registrar are forwarded to the Campus Office of Safety and Security for safekeeping.


Mail Services

Students may drop first-class U.S. and internal campus mail at the front counter. The Campus Post Office picks up mail daily from the Office of the Registrar during the early afternoon. The Office of the Registrar does not provide any other postal services.


Notary Services

Notary services are free to current students. Appointments for services are recommended to ensure staff availability.


Room Reservations

To reserve a room for your event, fill out the online form. Student Organizations, please use the Student Organization Event Approval Form to obtain approval; the purpose of this form is to avoid scheduling conflicts, to facilitate co-sponsorship opportunities and to provide administration with advance notice of events and speakers coming to campus. Please check the online calendar to see if the space is available before making your request.


Student Limited Practice Certification

1. The Minnesota Supreme Court certifies students for limited general practice for a period of one year. Students may be recertified. For a full description of the rules, see the Minnesota Supreme Court Rules on Certified Law Students - Rule 1 available here. Certification under Rule 2 is available through the Clinics Office for students enrolled in a clinical program (click here for details).
2. To request certification under Rule 1:
a. The student must complete and sign the top part of the Request for Certification form and give it to the supervising attorney.
b. The supervising attorney must complete the bottom part of the form and forward it to the Office of the Registrar via U.S. mail or facsimile.
c. The Office of the Registrar evaluates the request, determines if the student is eligible, and if so, submits the request to the Minnesota Supreme Court.
d. The Minnesota Supreme Court typically responds within 1 to 3 weeks to the Office of the Registrar.
e. The Office of the Registrar then forwards a copy of the certification to the student and to the supervising attorney. The original certification is kept in the student’s file.


Transcript Requests


A student's educational records are private. Transcripts of records can be issued to the student and to other persons as allowed by FERPA only (see the Confidential Information and Privacy Policy section for more information on FERPA). Requests from any other party must include a release/authorization duly executed by the student.

Transcript Types

 All transcripts (paper & electronic) issued by the Office of the Registrar are official.

Electronic transcripts are digitally signed secure PDF documents available via Piperline and are available to students who attended in 1986 or later.

Traditional official paper transcripts are also available in person from the Office of the Registrar or via standard mail.

How to Request a Transcript

If you attended Hamline University during or after 1986, transcript requests should be made through Piperline. Go to  

1. Login to Piperline. If you don’t remember your Piperline log in information, please contact the ITS helpdesk by phone 651-523-2220 or email during regular business hours.
2. Click on Student Services
3. Click on Student Records
4. Click on Request Official Transcripts
5. Follow the on-screen instructions  

Click this link for a PDF with complete instructions including screen shots.

 If you attended before 1986, email law registrar or call 651-523-2468 to request a transcript request form.


There are no transcript issuance fees associated with individual transcript requests. Hamline Law reserves the right to charge a per transcript fee for abnormal, excessive and/or repetitive requests, including $5 for each transcript in excess of five per day and $5 for each duplicate PDF transcript request. 

Processing Time 

Requests for paper transcripts are processed daily during regular business hours. Electronic transcripts requests are automatically processed on the hour 24/7. Routine system maintenance and unexpected system failures may delay processing.

Rush Service

Requests for overnight delivery of paper transcripts can be arranged by contacting the Office of the Registrar by telephone during regular business hours. The requester is responsible for providing a shipping label. Paper transcripts cannot be faxed. 

Issuance Restrictions
1. Official transcripts will not be issued for students with outstanding financial obligations towards Hamline University.
2. The Hamline Law Dean may restrict issuance of official transcripts for other reasons.