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President: Amee Pham
Vice-President: Jessica Plotz
Treasurer: Carli Stark
Secretary: Kailei Higginson
Rep at Large: Candace Groth

About Us

All Hamline University School of Law students are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA), which is managed by an elected board of governors. The SBA is the organization responsible for encouraging and maintaining student morale by hosting yearly socials, funding a variety of student organizations that cater to students' individual interests and operating the bookstore. Students will find information on the SBA Board of Governors, events, policies and laws, minutes from past meetings, committees, and the law school bookstore on the SBA website listed above.


We, the students of Hamline University School of Law, in order to secure to ourselves the benefits of mutual association on a common democratic basis, provide a medium for more effective understanding among the students, faculty, administration, university and alumni as well as the broader legal community, encourage high standards of scholarship, promote a spirit and feeling of loyalty to our school and profession, do ordain and establish this Constitution as the governing instrument of the Student Bar Association at Hamline University School of Law.