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The Critical Legal Studies Reading Group student organization is currently inactive. If you're interested in reactivating this organization, contact the assistant dean for student and multicultural affairs or the Student Bar Association. Refer to the Hamline Law Student Organizations Handbook for instruction on creating a new student organization.

Critical Legal Studies Reading Group (CLS Group) is an organization comprised of students and faculty, that is based on reading about and discussing issues of sexuality, gender, race, class and postmodernism in the law, as well as Critical Race Theory, Feminist Jurisprudence, and other related areas of critical thought and analysis. Critical legal studies (CLS) is a theory that challenges and overturns accepted norms and standards in legal theory and practice. Proponents of this theory believe that logic and structure attributed to the law grow out of the power relationships of the society. The law exists to support the interests of the party or class that forms it and is merely a collection of beliefs and prejudices that legitimize the injustices of society. The basic idea of CLS is that the law is politics and it is not neutral or value free. many in the CLS movement want to overturn the hierarchical structures of domination in the modern society and many of them have focused on the law as a tool in achieving this goal.