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Hamline Law Democrats Email: LawDems@hamlinesba.com
Hamline Law Democrats Website: lawdems.hamlinesba.com

About Us

The Hamline Law Democrats student organization is currently inactive. If you're interested in reactivating this organization, contact the assistant dean for student and multicultural affairs or the Student Bar Association. Refer to the Hamline Law Student Organizations Handbook for instruction on creating a new student organization.

The Hamline Law Democrats are committed to providing a resource for people that are interested in getting information about local and state politics. Our meetings provide an atmosphere that is conducive for open discussion on varying viewpoints. Hamline Law Democrats also serves as an outlet for networking with other people that are interested in political activism and involvement. Furthermore, this group is charged with bringing local political/social leaders to campus in order to promote open discussion and rhetoric regarding the political and social issues our communities are faced with.