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Norway Course Information

Bergen – Criminal Law

Criminal Law includes lectures, visits, and discussion in Oslo and Bergen, with European and American professors and Norwegian criminal justice professionals addressing various aspects of the Norwegian and United States criminal justice systems. Specific topics include an introduction to the Norwegian justice system, EU law, the role of the police, sentencing, trial rights, and a focus on the role of the jury. Sentencing in a hot topic in Norway after Anders Behring Breivak was given a maximum sentence of 21 years for murdering 77 innocent people. In addition, the jury system in Norway, which is used at the second level of the three-tier justice system, is under attack for being too lenient and unpredictable, a criticism sometimes leveled at the United States jury. The classroom lectures are augmented by visits to the police station, prison, and Norwegian Courts, including the Supreme Court in Oslo. This course is three credits.

Oslo – Comparative Law

Comparative Law surveys the Norwegian legal system, its history, and traditions. Numerous field trips are planned, and lectures are given (all in English) by Norwegian law professors and lawyers on the Norwegian legal system and institutions. Topics such as human rights, the European Free Trade Association, and numerous substantive areas of law and government are also covered. Specific visits include: Supreme Court, Parliament, Ombudsman Office, major law firms, Ship Owners Association, Labor Party, Foreign Ministry, Employer Association, Embassy of the European Union, White Collar Crime Division, Bergen and Oslo Police Departments, and Norwegian Petroleum Fund. Students learn about the Nordic origins of law and discover a country whose people are known for their pioneering spirit and progressive attitudes toward social issues. Hamline University School of Law faculty members lead discussions comparing the Norwegian system to the American legal system. This is a three-credit course.


Classes generally are held between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Room availability and schedules of guest speakers will influence the exact schedule.

All classes taught in English.

This is an ABA Approved Program.

Norway Program Schedule (PDF) - Coming Soon!