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Norway Participating Faculty

Larry Bakken directs the Norway program. He has been a professor at Hamline University School of Law since 1974. Long active in state and local government, Professor Bakken teaches administrative law, state and local government, comparative law and government, and courses in the graduate School of Business. He also has taught and lectured in Canada, China, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, and Italy. Bakken's degrees include: BA, Concordia College; MS, North Dakota State University; JD, University of North Dakota School of Law; and LLM, University of Manitoba School of Law.

Len Biernat has taught at Hamline Law since 1973. He teaches in the areas of family law, professional responsibility, property, and education law. Biernat's degrees include: BS, Mankato State; MA, St. Thomas University; JD, Hamline University School of Law; and LLM, New York University School of Law.

Edwin Butterfoss has taught at Hamline Law since 1983. He teaches in the areas of contracts, criminal law and criminal procedure. Butterfoss’s degrees include: BS, Miami University of Ohio and JD, Georgetown University Law Center. He was the dean of Hamline Law from 1998 to 2003.

James Morrow has taught at Hamline Law since 1997. He teaches in the areas of evidence, trial advocacy, judicial practicum, criminal law, and criminal procedure. Judge Morrow’s degrees include: BA, University of Minnesota and JD, William Mitchell College of Law. He is a Senior Judge and actively serves as a trial judge in Minnesota.

Peter Thompson has taught at Hamline Law since 1977. He teaches in the areas of criminal law, evidence, and civil procedures, and seminars on the American jury and on ADR policy. Thompson's degrees include: BA, DePauw University and JD, University of Michigan School of Law.

Bergen Guest Lecturers

Asbjørn Strandbakken teaches criminal law and criminal procedure at the University of Bergen. Previously, he served as a deputy judge and prosecutor. He is the author of Uskylds-Presumsjonen (Presumption of Innocence), published in 2003. Strandbakken's degrees include: Doctoral degree law, University of Bergen.

Jan Fridthjof Bernt has taught at Bergen University since 1980. Previously, Professor Bernt served as Dean of the Law School and Past President of Bergen University. His areas of expertise include administrative law, municipal law, legal philosophy, health law, and law and society. Bernt's degrees include: Cand.jur. 1968, University of Oslo; doctoral degree 1979; Master of Comparative Law 1971, University of Michigan. Rector at University of Bergen since 1996.

Ernst Nordtveit has been a professor at Bergen University Faculty of Law since 1993. During his tenure, he has served both as Vice Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Law. He teaches in the areas of property law, corporate law, petroleum law, and environmental law. Nordtveit's degrees include: Cand.jur. 1980, University of Bergen; doctoral degree 1990, Joint Ventures.

Norway Connections

Odd Langaas has been the program consultant/coordinator in Oslo for many years. He is formerly a full-time professor and currently serves as an attorney for the Norwegian Registry of Securities. He has taught comparative law and arranges lectures for the Norwegian Bench and Bar. Langaas's degrees include: JD, Faculty Law Oslo University; MAPA, University of Minnesota; and LLM, Harvard School of Law.

Jason Hoida serves as a consultant/coordinator in Oslo. He was a member of the University of Oslo Law Faculty working in the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law. Hoida completed his JD at Hamline University School of Law.

Jan Erik Hatling is the administrative coordinator of the program in Bergen.

Ernst Nordtveit serves as the faculty coordinator of the program in Bergen.

Past Faculty and Lecturers in Oslo

Allen Blair - Associate Professor of Law, Hamline University School of Law
Kai Kruger - Professor, Bergen University Faculty of Law
Justice Tore Schei - Supreme Court of Norway
Judge Nels Erick Lie - Chief Justice, Court of Appeals, Oslo
Oddvar Overåv - Deputy Administrator, Norwegian Parliament